#475 Dynamically adapting to application sizes

.NET 8.0 new experimental GC feature called DATAS

Dynamically adapting to application sizes

The .NET 8 GC introduces an experimental feature called DATAS which stands for Dynamic Adaptation To Application Sizes. What does “application size” mean exactly? This is the LDS (Live Data Size) from GC’s point of view, meaning that if we did the most aggressive GC possible, this is how much memory your application uses. Another way to look at it is this is your long lived data + whatever inflight data you have when a GC occurs.

Cross-platform web view for Avalonia UI (sponsor)

Will .NET become #1 for cross-platform desktop development? With DotNetBrowser's recent update, Avalonia UI finally gets the much-awaited cross-platform web view control.

Async method chaining in C#

We recently had a large amount of fairly procedural logic performing multiple tasks in an API request handler, we wanted a way to split it up, but maintaining a really obvious flow and ease of code navigation.

Memory-Mapped Files and Overlaid Structs

Mapping files into memory and accessing them through structure references in C#.

Arm64 Performance Improvements in .NET 8

.NET 8 added some key features for new functionality as well as performance improvements for developers including developers targeting Arm64 devices.

Can you use the .NET 8 Identity API endpoints with IdentityServer?

In this post Andrew looks at how those Identity APIs interact and relate to IdentityServer (and OpenIddict). He describes what the purpose of each of the approaches is, when you might want to use one or the other, and what happens if you try to use both.


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