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Making a game cheat trainer from scratch in C#

Using Memory.dll to make a PC game cheat trainer from scratch in C# using Visual Studio Community Edition 2017.

Getting Started with Windows Containers

Containers provide a way of running an application in a controlled environment, isolated from other applications running on the machine, and from the underlying infrastructure. They are a cost-effective way of abstracting away the machine, ensuring that the application runs in the same conditions, from development, to test, to production.

C# 7: What are discards and how to use them

Let’s assume that you wish to call a method that has a return value and also accepts an out variable, but you do not wish to use the contents of the out variable that will be returned. So far we were creating a dummy variable that will later not be used, or discarded. With C# 7 you can now use Discards

The nameof expression

This is one of many goodnesses that came with C# 6.0. Back in July 2015. I have been using nameof for quite a while now, but at the start, I wasn’t really aware of its full potential! Oh, what a sinner!

A significant update to the XAML Designer

The XAML designers in Visual Studio and Blend have been powerful tools for developers and designers alike to build beautiful user experiences for Windows applications. Initially designed for WPF development in 2007, we have made significant changes to support a wide variety of XAML platforms over the last decade. We’ve also added new features along the way to increase developer productivity. Unfortunately, with all these changes, the performance and reliability of the designer have become less than ideal. We’ve heard the community loud and clear and we are working hard to fix that.

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