#476 The lowly strategy pattern is still useful

Allows one of a family of algorithms to be selected on-the-fly at runtime

The Lowly Strategy Pattern is Still Useful

One of the simplest and most common design patterns in all of software development is the “Strategy” pattern that allows one of a family of algorithms to be selected on-the-fly at runtime.

How to Export PDF/UA Format Documents in C# (sponsor)

Navigating PDF compliance in highly regulated industries can be extremely time consuming. Solution: IronPDF free trial and documentation means you can test your use case with full functionality.

Structured Concurrency in C#

Did you ever hear about "Structured Concurrency"? If not, this article is for you. We will discover what it is, why it is useful, and what it could look like in C#.

How to version your ASP.NET API

In this article, we want to take a look at the introduction of proper versioning into your ASP.NET Core WebApi project. You will see how to set up both your application as well as your Swagger documentation.

How To Use Embedded Resources in .NET

While code is inarguably the bedrock of any software application, it’s not the only thing necessary to deliver a user experience. You’ll likely need non-code assets that include images, videos, third-party file formats, and more.

Padding for Overlaid Structs

Techniques for adding padding or holes in overlaid structs used with memory-mapped files in C#.


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