#477 Premature Infrastructure is the Root of All Evil

A habit of creating infrastructure code before it is actually needed

Premature Infrastructure is the Root of All Evil

Premature infrastructure is a peculiar behavior pattern that I witnessed in every single tech company I worked for. It is the habit of creating infrastructure code before it is actually needed. The development team is predicting future requirements and preparing ahead of time. That might be preparation for a future feature, extension capabilities that aren’t needed yet, or customization that may or may not be wanted.

Now Available: MongoDB Provider for EF Core (sponsor)

Do you build with C# and Entity Framework Core (EF Core)? MongoDB has released a new Provider for (EF Core) in Public Preview. Try it today to start taking advantage of MongoDB’s powerful developer data platform while continuing to use APIs and design patterns you already know and love.

Important Patterns Lurking in Your Persistence Tooling

The first two patterns are important for performance and sometimes even just scoping within complex system operations.

Pre-commit hooks with Husky.NET

A Git commit represents the status of a system. Learn how to validate that your code builds, is well-formatted, and all the tests pass by adding a Git hook.

Handling Database Migrations in Mature Applications with Fluent Migrator

A while ago I had to implement a solution to automatically update multiple databases in a mature production environment as part of a CI/CD pipeline. The environment and setup had some nuances.

Performance Improvements in ASP.NET Core 8

In this post we will explore some of the new features and enhancements that make ASP.NET Core 8 faster and more efficient than ever before.


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