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RyuJIT Tutorial

We came up with the code name “RyuJIT” because our original code name had possible issues. We wanted something with “JIT” in the name, and the idea of a dragon came to mind because of the Dragon book that we all know and love. So – we just adapted the name of the Japanese sea dragon, Ryujin.

7 More Lesser-known Debugging Tactics for Visual Studio

So, you really liked learning about 7 Lesser Known Debugging Hacks for Visual Studio? Good news is that there is always more to learn! The Visual Studio debugger is an enchanting creature that can save you loads of time while finding and fixing issues in your application. It is bursting with tools that can make debugging easier… if you know they exist, and where to find them! Let’s look at 7 more lesser-known goodies you can use to #SuperChargeYourDebugging.

10 key differences between C# Const, ReadOnly & Static ReadOnly

Constant(used as const) and ReadOnly keywords in C# used to make fields constant for which values cannot be changed. Please go through the summary of differences between constant and readonly then I will try to explain each point after that.

Managed object internals, Part 4. Fields layout

There is no official documentation about fields layout because the CLR authors reserved the right to change it in the future. But knowledge about the layout can be helpful if you're curious or if you're working on a performance critical application.

ASP.NET Core 2.0 API Series

So what does cloud native actually mean? It means that you don't know where your applications are going to run anymore. Your applications need to be able to work out how they are configured and integrate themselves into the wider system of services and start working. Why is that a desirable thing? Because it means that we can stand them up and down at will, without need for special system configurations. That means we can create copies of them for scaling out and we gain resiliency because when one copy of an application dies we just start up another one.

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