#480 The convenience of System.IO

.NET has great API for reading and writing files

The convenience of System.IO

File I/O APIs are used pervasively in apps. .NET has great API for reading and writing files. They are a great example of the convenience of .NET.

Try MongoDB With Entity Framework Core (sponsor)

MongoDB has released a new Provider for Entity Framework Core (EF Core), including support for:

Try it today and start taking advantage of MongoDB’s developer data platform while using the EF Core APIs and design patterns you already know and love.

ConfigureAwait in .NET 8

Changes in ConfigureAwait that are new with .NET 8.0.

Creating Test Objects via Design Patterns

When building objects in tests, there are 3 design patterns that assist with building test objects - Factory pattern, Object Mother, and Builder pattern.

.NET Task Parallel Library vs System.Threading.Channels

Wondering which concurrency library is right for you? Let's dive in.

What's new with identity in .NET 8

A summary of what's new with identity (authentication and authorization) in the latest ASP. NET Core release for .NET 8.


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