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.NET Framework 4.7.1 Accessibility and WPF Improvements

This post describes the new WPF and accessibility features and improvements in .NET Framework 4.7.1. You can try out these features by downloading the Developer Pack, described in the Welcome to the .NET Framework 4.7.1 Early Access blog post.

C#. Static Cache and Multithreading

The reason is: static cache and other static objects. As far as static objects are the same for all threads and different for every process, they are the reason for both troubles. They conflicted in multithread operations and prevented querying SQL Server “thinking” that data has already been read.

The correct way to implement StructureMap in .NET Core WebApi when having multiple projects

StructureMap is an IoC/DI container for .Net which has been a long time around. I’ve been using it for these past few years, and after all this time, I found out the correct way to implement it.

The internals of the .NET Runtime that you won't find in the documentation

The Microsoft Docs at https://docs.microsoft.com are really fantastic lately. All the .NET Docs are on GitHub https://github.com/dotnet/docs/ and you can contribute to them. However, in the world of software engineering (here some a bad, mixed metaphor) there's instructions on how to use a faucet and there's instructions on how to build and design plumbing from scratch.

Fast JSON Serializer for C#

Definitely Fastest and Zero Allocation JSON Serializer for C#(.NET, .NET Core, Unity and Xamarin), this serializer write/read directly to UTF8 binary so boostup performance. And I adopt the same architecture as the fastest binary serializer, MessagePack for C# that I've developed.

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