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How to Build a Kubernetes Cluster with ARM Raspberry Pi then run .NET Core on OpenFaas

By the end of this blog post you'll have not just Hello World but you'll have Cloud Native Distributed Containerized RESTful microservice based on ARMv7 w/ k8s Hello World! as a service.

Introducing C# in Godot

Alpha2 is around the corner and I'm glad to announce that it will come with the first usable version of C# as a Godot scripting language. It's still at an early stage and there is a lot of work ahead, but it's a good opportunity for users to have a first look at it and return feedback.

.NET Core 2.0 and ASP.NET Core 2.0 are Here

Many of us have been patiently waiting through the long and windy road that has been the inception of the .NET Core and ASP.NET Core platforms. After a very rocky 1.0 and set of 1.x releases, version 2.0 of the new .NET frameworks and tooling have finally arrived a few weeks back. You know the saying: "Don't use any 1.x product from Microsoft", and this is probably more true than ever with .NET Core and ASP.NET Core. The initial releases, while technically functional and powerful, were largely under-featured and sported very inconsistent and ever changing tooling. Using the 1.x (and pre-release) versions involved quite a bit of pain and struggle just to keep up with all the developments along the way.

C# 8 – The Shape of the Things to Come

Did you know that C# has been around for 17 years? It started off as Microsoft’s response to Java, but now, in its “late-teen” years and seven revisions later, it is one powerful and popular language. Recently, C# has introduced more innovations in a short period of time than ever before. In general, all Microsoft technologies have an accelerated rate of innovations.

.NET Standard explained to developers: What if it was an interface?

Quite recently, Microsoft shook the ground of the whole dotnet ecosystem with a new concept : .NET Standard. Lot's of folks like me, who already had a hard time keeping up with all things .NET lately, thought "What is it now?!".

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