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Simple Bug Tracking for .NET Developers

We’ve launched a new simple and easy C# (and VB, F# and JavaScript) error logging and reporting framework – ErrLog.IO

this week's favorite

Dockerize.NET: Your .NET Core App to a docker image

This is a simple dotnet cli tool that enables you to easily package your dotnet app into a docker container. The above invocation creates a docker image with the tag brthor/serviceWorker:dev which you can then docker push to your registry or docker run locally.

Common LINQ mistakes

This is a list of common LINQ mistakes, which has grown out from reading code of others (and myself) - and using the results for training people new to .NET.

Catching up with C# 7.1 and 7.2

As part of Visual Studio 15.3, Microsoft offered their first point release of C# since .NET 1.1. C# 7.1 offers three new features, two of which that work.

Modernize existing .NET apps with Windows Containers and Azure

There are many reasons why you would want to modernize your existing server-side app. Modernization will bring you Deployment, and DevOps improvements. Also moving your application to the cloud will help you be more productive by no longer spending time on on-going maintenance and the ability to scale-out easily.

Code Generation on .NET

Almost every .NET application relies on code generation in some form, usually because they rely on a library which generates code as a part of how it functions. Eg, Json.NET leverages code generation and so does ASP.NET, Entity Framework, Orleans, most serialization libraries, many dependency injection libraries, and probably every test mocking library.

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