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Open Source .NET – 3 years later

A little over 3 years ago Microsoft announced that they were open sourcing large parts of the .NET framework and as Scott Hanselmansaid in his Connect 2016 keynote, the community has been contributing in a significant way.

Live Unit Testing in Visual Studio 2017

“Live” unit testing is simply the automated execution of unit tests that may have been impacted by a code change, and provides the results of that test run back into the IDE (in this case, Visual Studio) in real time.

Deployments with Zero Downtime in ASP.NET

Did you know that you can have zero downtime deployments with your ASP.NET application? You don't even need to be using AWS or Azure, or have a fancy load balancer or anything else clever and expensive! So how does this thing work?


CliWrap is a library that makes it easier to interact with command line interfaces. It provides a convenient wrapper around the target executable, allowing you to pass execution parameters and read the resulting output. The library can also handle errors reported by the underlying process, allows command cancellation and has both synchronous and asynchronous APIs.

All I want for Christmas is a C# Build System

I’ve used many tools over the years to manage builds of large .NET projects including custom BAT/CMD files, customer PowerShell scripts, NAnt, and of course MSBuild. While I’ve been happy with the solutions I provided with each of these I’ve always found them either awkward to extend or limiting in their extensibility and more recently I needed them to work on a Mac for building Xamarin projects.

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