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Disposable, Finalizers, and HttpClient

In this essay I wanted to share some investigation that I’ve done on the topic of C# Disposal, Finalizers, and how it’s related to the correct usage of HttpClient.

Invisible race conditions: The cache has poisoned us

We got a memory corruption error one of those days that was quite interesting. It was in a place where we previous fixed a memory corruption error and was, at a glance, quite impossible.

Duck Typing And Async/Await

As some of you may know, many of the features in C# light up through “duck typing”. Duck typing is where you accept an object that behaves in a certain way (i.e. has certain methods, properties, etc.) instead of a specific type, or as is usually explained: “If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it’s a duck”.

Running ASP.NET Core in an Alpine Linux Docker Container

Last month the .NET Core team announced that the Alpine docker images are ready for testing. This does not mean that you should switch all of your containers over from Debian to Alpine and deploy to production right away. We are still a fair way away from that. But that’s where things are headed. One day (possibly next year) we will be able to deploy micro services as Alpine Docker containers to a Kubernetes cluster in Azure possibly even compiled as native applications using CoreRT.

Build a Serverless Link Shortener with Analytics Faster than Finishing your Latte

Our team thrives on real world data. I continuously analyze my online presence to better understand what topics people are interested in so that I can focus on curating content that will drive value. A lot of what I share goes through social media feeds like Facebook, Google+ (yes, it’s still around), LinkedIn and of course Twitter. I can’t afford to take a “fire and forget” approach or I could end up sharing content and topics no one really cares about.

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