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RPC over WebSocket for .NET

WebSocket RPC library for .NET with auto JavaScript client code generation, supporting ASP.NET Core.

Introducing dotGet: an installer for .NET Core CLI apps

It’s been about two years since .NET Core was publicly released and in that time, it’s undergone a lot of changes. From the re-introduction of csproj to the inception of the .NET Standard and a host of other things, it’s quite an eventful time to be a .NET developer.

ConcurrentDictionary Is Not Always Thread-Safe

ConcurrentDictionary is a thread-safe dictionary implementation but surprisingly (at least to me) not all of its members can be safely used by multiple threads concurrently. The Thread Safety section on the ConcurrentDictionary MSDN article has this to say.

Interactive Line Editing in .NET

Every once in a while I write an interactive application, and I want to have full bash-like command line editing, history and search. The Unix world used to have GNU readline as a C library, but I wanted something that worked on both Unix and Windows with minimal dependencies.

TensorFlow API for .NET languages

This surfaces the C API as a strongly-typed .NET API for use from C# and F#. The API binding is pretty much done, and at this point, I am polishing the API to make it more pleasant to use from C# and F# and resolving some of the kinks and TODO-items that I left while I was doing the work.

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