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Internals of tuple literals

My last post about tuple literals gave brief introduction to these. This post goes to internals of tuple literals, peeks behind the compiler and shows what happens with tuple literals internally. This post is for developers who are new to tuple literals and want to gain more deep understanding of these.

Multi-tenant web apps with ASP.NET Core and Postgres

In the past, ASP.NET apps could only run on Windows servers. That’s changed with the latest version, ASP.NET Core, which is fully open source and cross-platform. ASP.NET Core runs anywhere you need it to (Windows, Mac, Linux, Docker) and features a modern middleware pipeline, a rich package ecosystem, and blazing-fast performance.

A Sort Of Problem

I love interesting questions, especially when they directly relate to things I need to do. A great question came up on Stack Overflow today about how to efficiently sort large data. I gave an answer, but there’s so much more we can say on the topic, so I thought I’d turn it into a blog entry, exploring pragmatic ways to improve sort performance when dealing with non-trivial amounts of data. In particular, this is remarkably similar to time I’ve spent trying to make our “tag engine” faster.

Resources for Learning about .NET Internals

The aim was to list blogs that specifically cover .NET internals at a low-level or to put it another way, blogs that answer the question how does feature ‘X’ work, under-the-hood. The list includes either typical posts for that blog, or just some of my favourites!

Get the most out of Output Window in Visual Studio

The Visual Studio Output window displays status messages for various features within IDE include build errors, compilation error, project configuration information, which occur when a project is compiled. This window is very much important to see what your application is doing during the build and further using those logs for troubleshooting. Apart from just reading the logs and using it for troubleshooting, there are several sets of features which we must know to get most out of it.

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