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Cross-platform GUIs with open source .NET using Eto.Forms

This is one of those "Did you know you could do THAT?" Many folks have figured out that C#/F#/.NET is cross-platform and open0source and runs on basically any operating system. People are using it to create micro services, web sites, and webAPI's all over. Not to mention iPhone/Android apps with Xamarin and video games with Unity and MonoGame.

True and false operators in C#

Few days ago, I learned new thing about C#. Apparently, there are “true” and “false” operators and you can overload these. But I also wanted to know what are these good for, given I’ve never heard about these. Let’s start with simple (and dummy) code to see what’s what.

A month without ReSharper — Has my productivity decreased?

I’ve been using ReSharper for 5 years now, and I don’t mean that I installed it and started working as normal, I actually took some time to learn a lot of the features built into it. What drew my to it was the endless list of keyboard shortcuts which allowed me to zip around my solutions at light speed and refactor code quickly.

A Better Keyboard Input Experience For .NET Console Apps

For a long time, console/cli apps have always been a great way to get yourself introduced to .NET (or programming languages/frameworks in general). In recent times there’s been a huge focus on GUI apps and Web apps because they offer an array of rich input interfaces and are generally more user friendly.

Counting Lines of a Text File in C#, the Smart Way

Counting the lines of a text file may not seem very exciting but recently I had to deal with a number of large files (for an upcoming article which you will soon read about on this blog) and one of the operations that I had to do was to count the number of lines but at the same time ensuring that I am nice to the .NET Garbage Collector and don't cause any blocking collection.

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