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Benchmarking Span Performance

Span<T> is yet another addition to C# 7.x and is particularly useful in developing memory intensive applications.  So what is Span all about ?

Nullable types arithmetic and null-coalescing operator precedence

Here is a simple question for you: which version of a GetHashCode() is correct and what the performance impact incorrect version would have?

Easier functional and integration testing of ASP.NET Core applications

In ASP.NET 2.1 (now in preview) there's apparently a new package called Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Testing that's meant to help streamline in-memory end-to-end testing of applications that use the MVC pattern. I've been re-writing my podcast site at https://hanselminutes.comin ASP.NET Core 2.1 lately, and recently added some unit testing and automatic unit testing with code coverage. Here's a couple of basic tests. Note that these call the Razor Pages directly and call their OnGet() methods directly. This shows how ASP.NET Core is nicely factored for Unit Testing but it doesn't do a "real" HTTP GET or perform true end-to-end testing.

Age of JIT Compilation. Part I. Genesis

The runtime topic of the .NET platform has been discussed for many times, while JIT itself, as well as a resulting code and interoperability with the execution environment, have not. We will explore a rationale for the lack of inheritance in structs, unbound delegate roots, as well as a technique of invoking any method without reflection.

C# development with Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a fantastic editor for C# developers. VSCode + .NET Core has very quickly become my go to setup for many C# tasks. However, unlike ‘full’ Visual Studio, getting started with C# development in Code is a little bit more involved.

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