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Taking a look at the ECMA-335 Standard for .NET

It turns out that the .NET Runtime has a technical standard (or specification), known by its full name ECMA-335 - Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) (not to be confused with ECMA-334 which is the ‘C# Language Specification’). The latest update is the 6th edition from June 2012.

typeof(TSecret) - the secret magic behind .NET generics

In last post we’ve talked about how .NET does code sharing for reference types. This time let’s take a look at how typeof(T) does its black magic. In particular, how does the code knows what typeof(T) is, in the presence of code sharing? Obviously if there is no code sharing at all, each method instantiation are different and the code would be instantiated with the correct typeof(T) code where T is a real type, it obviously would “just work”.

Cross-runtime .NET disassembly with BenchmarkDotNet

BenchmarkDotNet is a cool tool for benchmarking. It has a lot of useful features that help you with performance investigations. However, you can use these features even if you are not actually going to benchmark something. One of these features is DisassemblyDiagnoser. It shows you a disassembly listing of your code for all required runtimes. In this post, I will show you how to get disassembly listing for .NET Framework, .NET Core, and Mono with one click!

How we doubled Mono’s Float Speed

My friend Aras recently wrote the same ray tracer in various languages, including C++, C# and the upcoming Unity Burst compiler. While it is natural to expect C# to be slower than C++, what was interesting to me was that Mono was so much slower than .NET Core.

Writing a Managed JIT in C# with CoreCLR

As you may know, in .NET CoreCLR (and Mono), the JIT has been entirely written in C/C++. That’s sometimes even a joke used by C++ developers to remind the enthusiastic C# developer crowd that their ecosystem is being actually ran by C++.

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