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BLIND - The Anonymous Social App for Tech Workers

CNN describes our app well: “Blind is an anonymous app for tech workers to discuss, debate and gossip about compensation, corporate policies, workplace harassment, and more.” Blind, which was once banned by Uber, is now used by 7,000+ Uber engineers, designers, and PMs. If you work in tech, your coworkers are on Blind. Download the app and join your coworkers today at TeamBlind.com!

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Backward compatibility and overloading

.NET ecosystem is mostly embracing semantic versioning – which sounds great, but does rely on us having a common understanding of what’s meant by a “breaking change”. That’s something I’ve been thinking about quite a lot. One aspect which has struck me forcefully recently is how hard it is to avoid breaking changes when using method overloading. That’s what this post is about, mostly because it’s fun.

An Introduction to ADL (or how to double your P/Invoke performance)

In today's modern, cross-platform .NET world we're swimming in unprecedented support for different operating systems and processor architectures. It's a bonanza of new and exciting technology and opportunities - one that is partially soured for mixed developers who want or have to work in both the cozy, comfy managed world of .NET and the performance-critical wild west of low-level code.

Adaptation of Design Patterns for Humans to C#

Design patterns are solutions to recurring problems; guidelines on how to tackle certain problems. They are not classes, packages or libraries that you can plug into your application and wait for the magic to happen. These are, rather, guidelines on how to tackle certain problems in certain situations.

MVC vs Razor Pages - A quick comparison

I’m trying to learn ASP.NET but am really confused. All the tutorials seem to conflict with each other over whether I should be using MVC or Razor Pages?

Performance Improvements in .NET Core 2.1

292 0 Back before .NET Core 2.0 shipped, I wrote a post highlighting various performance improvements in .NET Core 2.0 when compared with .NET Core 1.1 and the .NET Framework. As .NET Core 2.1 is in its final stages of being released, I thought it would be a good time to have some fun and take a tour through some of the myriad of performance improvements that have found their way into this release.

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