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Deploy .NET Machine Learning Models with ML.NET

Leading up to and during MS Build 2018 Microsoft has released a wide range of products that reduce the complexity that comes with building and deploying software. The focus this year was on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Some of the products I found particularly interesting are Azure Container Instances which makes it easier to run containerized applications without provisioning or managing servers and ML.NET which is a .NET cross-platform machine learning framework.

C# Debug vs. Release builds and debugging in Visual Studio

Most articles and documentation about the 'out of the box' C# Debug and Release build configurations were written prior to Roslyn. I take a fresh look at what you now get under the covers in 2018.

Const Strings – a very convenient way to shoot yourself in the foot

The difference is subtle at first: StaticReadonly is like a normal field that gets initialized through a static constructor, while ConstString is “hardcoded”.

CacheCow 2.0 is here - now supporting .NET Standard and ASP.NET Core MVC

I did announce last year that the new updated CacheCow will live under the name CacheCore. The more I worked on it, the more it became evident that only a tiny amount of CacheCow will ever be Core-related. And frankly trends come and go, while HTTP Caching is pretty much unchanged for the last 20 years.

The Testing Context

For the past few years, everytime I’ve started a new project there has been one sure fire class that I will copy and paste in on the first day. That has been my “TestingContext”. It’s sort of this one class unit testing helper that I can’t do without. Today, I’m going to go into a bit of detail about what it is, and why I think it’s so damn awesome.

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