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Open FileStream properly for asynchronous reading/writing

Asynchronous stuff with async/await in C# is great. But as with any other great tool, there are some gotchas that might cost you something (performance, memory, etc.). Today I’m going to talk about FileStream.

Refactoring Legacy Monoliths – Part 4: Refactoring Tools

As a software developer, it’s important to know what tools are available to you. Tedious and repetitive tasks or large “one-off” time-consuming tasks can often be automated by third-party tooling. And yes – sometimes it’s even worth purchasing some of these tools with your own money. Specifically, when refactoring, we should have some knowledge of what refactoring tools are available to us.

Announcing .NET Core 2.1

We’re excited to announce the release of .NET Core 2.1. It includes improvements to performance, to the runtime and tools. It also includes a new way to deploy tools as NuGet packages. We’ve added a new primitive type called Span<T> that operates on data without allocations. There are many other new APIs, focused on cryptography, compression, and Windows compatibility. It is the first release to support Alpine Linux and ARM32 chips. You can start updating existing projects to target .NET Core 2.1 today. The release is compatible with .NET Core 2.0, making updating easy.

C# 8.0 Expected Features Part – III : Switch Expressions

C# 8.0 is coming soon and we have already seen some amazing features lined up for C# 8.

Simulating hundreds of IoT devices with Kubernetes

We often need to simulate devices — sensors and vehicles — to test our IoT systems, see how well they manage load, how they deal with errors, etc. Each simulated device pretends to be an independent entity with it’s own settings i.e. battery level, upload frequency, service outages, persistent memory, etc.

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