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this week's favorite

Learning DevOps, building the ASP.NET Core Workshop, and keeping it up to date

How often have you gone to a GitHub repo and found that the sample code is not up to date with the latest SDK, or doesn't even build?

The Case of The More Complex C# Code Generate Better Assembly Code

Ternary operator returning true/false prevents redundant assembly code generation. So adding ? true: false might lead to more keystrokes, longer code, but will have a better assembly code.

Optimising Image Processing

Reducing memory consumption and time taken by 80%.

Pipe Dreams, part 1

About two years ago I blogged about an upcoming experimental IO API in the .NET world - at the time provisionally called "Channels"; at the end of May 2018, this finally shipped - under the name System.IO.Pipelines. I am hugely interested in the API, and over the last few weeks I'm been consumed with converting StackExchange.Redis to use "pipelines", as part of our 2.0 library update.

.NET JIT and CLR - Joined at the Hip

I’ve been digging into .NET Internals for a while now, but never really looked closely at how the ‘Just-in-Time’ (JIT) compiler works. In my mind, the interaction between the .NET Runtime and the JIT has always looked like this.

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