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Devirtualization in .NET Core

When .NET was originally designed, it was decided that methods would be non-virtual by default. There were several reasons for this, one of which is that non-virtual methods are often significantly faster than virtual methods. In addition to the cost of v-table lookup itself, virtual methods cannot normally be inlined.

C# Features: Innovations or Imitations? – Part 1

Around the year 2000, Microsoft developed the C# language (led by Anders Hejlsberg). This language, along with the .NET framework had a significant strategic purpose. Microsoft would create a better language tied to Windows, driving customers to the Windows ecosystem and Microsoft products. Perhaps this was part of the notorious Embrace, extend, and extinguish Microsoft strategy (now in the past).

Microsoft Positions UWP for Line of Business Applications

Microsoft is positioning UWP for traditional line of business (LOB) applications with an emphasis on rapid application development (RAD) using the Windows Template Studio. But that’s not all they’re doing to entice LOB developers onto the UWP platform.

Micro Services with Azure Functions — PDF Download 

Allowing you to Generate PDF from your website whilst keeping it responsive.

Safely Storing Sensitive Configuration Data in .NET Core

There could be a situation where the application will use some sensitive data such as Payment Gateway live credentials and client don’t want to expose the data to any of their developers and staff about it.

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