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C# Sharding and Multithreading - Deep Dive

When concurrency issues slow down your code, sometimes using more sophisticated concurrency operations like those provided by System.Threading.Interlocked will not improve performance. The problem is that too many actors are trying to access the same value at the same time.

Collection of small but useful extensions methods

I’ve done a few posts on some useful extension methods before, but there’s also a bunch of smaller extension methods I wanted to share that didn’t each warrant their own post – so below are some of the small but useful methods I’ve used in the past!

Exploring the City of Amsterdam with Azure Durable Functions and the Custom Vision Service

Microsoft released Azure Durable Functions in 2017. This new feature gives the ability to write long running stateful function orchestrations. I developed a prototype that includes a tourist and admin application. Tourists can take a photo from a building in the city and upload it. The Custom Vision service analyzes the photographed image and detects the correct building.

Fuzzing the .NET JIT Compiler

When you write C#/VB.NET/F# code (delete as appropriate) and compile it, the compiler converts it into Intermediate Language (IL) code. The IL is then stored in a .exe or .dll, which the Common Language Runtime (CLR) reads and executes when your program is actually run. However it’s the job of the Just-in-Time (JIT) Compiler to convert the IL code into machine code.

New tricks for an old dog – what I learnt from VS Code

After nearly a decade of coding in Visual Studio, a recent change in employment has put me in front of VS Code. The experience has had its ups and downs, so I thought I’d post a few pointers for anyone else who ends up in my situation. Moving beyond practical matters, I’d also like to take a moment to reflect on what the experience of weaning myself off Visual Studio has taught me.

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