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High performance, cross-platform streaming with libvlc and Chromecast

With the release of libvlc 3.0, the long awaited feature of being able to cast your media to your TV has been added to libvlc (and the VLC apps). In this post, I will show you how to cast a media using LibVLCSharp, in a cross-platform way.

Debugging Multiple ASP.NET Core Projects in a Single Solution

We recently setup a new solution with multiple ASP.NET Core projects and wanted to debug them all at the same time.  This ended up being far more difficult than we expected.  Not because its actually hard but without some context it can be super confusing and the errors aren’t helpful.  So I decided to write this post to try to help others who are likely hitting the same/similar issues.

Duck-typed Extension methods in C#

C# might have started as a static object oriented language but over the years it has stolen implemented a lot of features from other very different languages. It has dynamic types, SQL-like queries, lambdas, async-await and so much more. In this article we'll see what kind of magic we can create if we take extension methods and mix them up with generics and duck-typing.

ASP.NET Core Diagnostic Scenarios

The goal of this repository is to show problematic application patterns for ASP.NET Core applications and a walk through on how to solve those issues. It shall serve as a collection of knowledge from real life application issues our customers have encountered.

Comparing speed of ToUpper, ToUpperInvariant, ToLower and ToLowerInvariant in .NET Framework and .NET Core

While I was reviewing some code week or two back, I got idea to test what’s the speed difference between ToUpper, ToUpperInvariant, ToLower and ToLowerInvariant. Of course, these methods are not doing the same thing, but sometimes it doesn’t really matter and if any is sufficient then, maybe, performance wins. Or at least I thought it’s going to be interesting to see whether there’s a difference and how much.

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