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Entity Framework Core: SQLite Concurrency Checks

Most of the work I have done with SQLite has been on single-user systems, but recently I had to work on a SQLite project that was going to have a handful of concurrent users and a subset of the user activities would need to deal with concurrency issues. In the past, in a situation like this, I have been using SQL Server and use the rowversion or timestamp column type which places a unique value on the row on any updates or inserts.

Quick And Easy Guide To Install .NET Core On Raspberry Pi

.NET Core is a cross-platform runtime available for x64 and ARM processors that can be used to run ASP.NET Core web applications and standalone .NET Core console applications on Windows, Linux and macOS.

SOLID Principles: Explanation and examples

SOLID is an acronym for 5 important design principles when doing OOP (Object Oriented Programming).

Creating a .Net Core REST API — Part 1: Setup and Database Modelling

I’ll be putting together a series of tutorials on creating a REST API with ASP.Net Core and Entity Framework Core against a Postgres database. Microsoft has some great tutorials as well but they weren’t always fully applicable to my use-case of developing an API against an existing database schema.

SQL Server 2019 Fixes Function Inlining Bug

Like most databases created in the last few decades, SQL Server allows developers to extend the database by creating functions. But prior to the upcoming 2019 release, SQL Server’s support for scalar functions was fraught with problems.

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