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this week's favorite

NetFabric.Hyperlinq — Optimizing LINQ

This is the first article on my exploration into improving LINQ performance using value type enumerators, refs, duck typing, interface constraints, IReadOnlyList interface and so on.

“Stack Walking” in the .NET Runtime

The CLR makes heavy use of a technique known as stack walking (or stack crawling). This involves iterating the sequence of call frames for a particular thread, from the most recent (the thread’s current function) back down to the base of the stack.

Easy network code in C#

So you want to add some sort of networking functionality to your C# application? Then this little blog-post is for you! It doesn’t even matter if you’d consider yourself a noob because I’m about to make network code real easy for you.

Why you should never use the checked keyword

So, some of you may not know about this keyword at all, but at one point in your life you may find out and feel that it will be useful to use it when you are doing mathematical operations in your code. Let’s start by discussing what this keyword provides.

C# Deadlocks in Depth – Part 1

Understanding deadlocks, show common deadlock types, how to solve them, how to debug them and best practices to avoid them.

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