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Is C# a low-level language?

I’m a massive fan of everything Fabien Sanglarddoes, I love his blog and I’ve read both his bookscover-to-cover (for more info on his books, check out the recent Hansleminutes podcast). Recently he wrote an excellent post where he deciphered a postcard sized raytracer, un-packing the obfuscated code and providing a fantastic explanation of the maths involved. I really recommend you take the time to read it! But it got me thinking, would it be possible to port that C++ code to C#?

An update to C# versions and C# tooling

Starting with Visual Studio 2019 Preview 4 and RC, we’ll be adjusting how C# versions are treated in .NET tooling.

C# 8.x is introducing Records

Quite often in our architectural designs we tend to use POCO classes. If you have never heard of a POCO class it basically stands for Plain Old CLR Object. It is meant to describe a class with no bussiness logic whatsoever included in it. Only to hold different types of data and pass it around. In many cases these POCO classes only include readonly properties and fields internally. Very often, writing the code for these classes feels like writing a lot of boilerplate code. Well here is where C# 8.x is coming to simplify the process of creating these classes by introducing Records.

5 C# Tips That you may already know

I acknowledge that you may already know most of these tips already. But I write in the hope that if someone in the community can benefit from learnings. If you want to find out if there is anything useful for you in this post have a quick look at the headings.

Create a desktop app with Electron, React and C#

An Electron is a framework to create native desktop applications for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. And what is the wow part in it, you can use vanilla javascript or any other javascript framework for building UI. This is amazing, you can be a web app developer and by reusing the same skillset you can build a desktop app.

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