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Understanding C# 7 ValueTuples

One of the big new features introduced with C# 7 is the ValueTuple. Now we all know Tuples, we heard of their existence in C#, saw them in a tutorial and decided not to use them, ever again because they were completely awkward and difficult to use.

.NET Internals Cookbook Part 4 — Type members

This is the fourth part of the .NET Internals Cookbook series. Can you add type constructor to the interface? How to change the name of the indexer? Can you have static fields and methods in the interface?

C# 8 – Introducing Target-typed new expressions

So far we have talked about how quite a few new features of C# 8. We have talked about how C# 8 fixing interpolated verbatim strings (here), we have talked about the languages new Index Struct and the usage of the Hat operator (here) and we have talked about default interface methods (here). In this article we will talk about another feature that some people might call small and minor, but still very very useful as it can clean up code and remove lots of noise.

C# Job Queue Implementations in Depth – Part 1

Sometimes referred to as the Producer/Consumer pattern, the Job Queue means placing a Job of some kind in a Queue, which will be executed asynchronously in a First-In-First-Out (FIFO) order. The jobs will be Queued (produced) by one entity (thread, process, service), and executed (consumed) by another entity (thread, process, service).

Visualizing thin ASP.NET Controllers via SOLID Principles

Pictures sometimes explain things much better than words. In this article, Joe demonstrates some of the benefits of moving business logic from controllers into services by showing both code, artwork, and animations.

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