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.NET Core Windows Desktop Apps

The app dotnet build tool contains features for “Chromitizing” any .NET Core Web App into a .NET Core Windows Desktop App by just installing the app dotnet tool.

Memory and Span pt.2

A human by nature cannot fully understand the purpose of a certain instrument until he or she gets some experience. So, let’s turn to some examples.

string vs. String is not a style debate

Often I see developers debating using String vs. string as if it’s a simple style decision. No different than discussing the position of braces, tabs vs. spaces, etc … A meaningless distinction where there is no right answer, just finding a decision everyone can agree on. The debate between String and string though is not a simple style debate, instead it has the potential to radically change the semantics of a program.

C# Multithreaded Resource Access – Concurrent Collections

Concurrent collections are a feature added in .Net 4.0 and allow developers to create thread safe collections without worrying as much as they had to worry with Generic Collections. They do not remove any possible concern the developer should have while working with resources that are accessed from multiple threads, but removes many of the common ones.

Anomaly Detection on CPU waveform using K-Means

A lot of applications require the ability to detect whether a new observation belongs to the same distribution as the existing observations. The application we are building now detects the opposite. Anomaly Detection is a filed interested in detecting abnormal or unusual observations.


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