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C# and gRPC Part One

gRPC is a modern open source RPC framework created by Google. It is based on Google’s modern Protocol Buffer serialization engine but is not tied to it. C# developers who have used WCF in the past, or anyone building C# backend services should take a look at this. gRPC has most of the functionality that WCF has, but you can build on .NET Core. This article will introduce gRPC, explain why WCF developers should pay attention, and talk about why it could be used for any service.

Candidate Features For C# 9

The long road to C# 9 has already begun and this is the first article in the world about the C# 9 Candidate features. Once you have completed reading this article, you will hopefully be better prepared for the new C# challenges you will meet in the future.

.NET Core Debugging Techniques on Linux

This is my personal collection of notes, scripts and techniques developed to help debug live .NET Core applications. All of these techniques were performed from a sidecar in Kubernetes. If you are interested in profiling .NET Core applications running on Linux without Kubernetes then these guides still will contain a lot of useful information.

Designing a WPF TreeView File Explorer

I am writing this story to those people who are asking me about the techniques on how to implement a customized TreeView File Explorer control in WPF using Shells.

Delegates And Events In C#

An event can be used to provide notifications. You can subscribe to an event if you are interested in those notifications. You can also create your own events and raise them to provide notifications when something interesting happens. The .NET Framework offers built-in types that you can use to create events. By using delegates, lambda expressions, and anonymous methods, you can create and use events in a comfortable way.

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