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Workflow Engine, ideal workflow solution

Workflow Engine is easy to embed through program API with any app using .NET library and a visual HTML5 designer tool. Integration process is simple and similar to integration of any other .NET library with JavaScript components. Workflow Engine visual designer tool, for example, can be embedded into any web-page or React/Angular component. A major issue is that Workflow Engine is compatible with a broad range of databases.

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Null Coalescing Operator C#

A reference type can have an actual value of null, meaning it has no value. A value type can’t have a value of null. For example, how would you express that some boolean value is true, false, or unknown? Regular Boolean can be only true or false.

XAML Islands v1 – Updates and Roadmap

XAML Islands enable .NET and native Win32 applications to host UWP XAML controls. You can enhance the experience and functionality of your existing desktop applications with the latest UI innovations previously only available for UWP apps. For example, you can use the UWP XAML controls such as ColorPicker, InkCanvas, CalendarView, and NavigationView in your existing C++ Win32, Windows Forms, and WPF applications.

Publishing A Single EXE File In .NET Core 3.0

Say I have a simple “Hello World” console application that I want to send to a friend to run. The friend doesn’t have .NET Core installed so I know I need to build a self contained application for him. Easy, I just run the following command in my project directory.

Cryptography in .NET

The .NET Framework contains all the classes you need to use the main cryptographic algorithms. Most of the algorithms require configuration. Be sure to check the documentation to know what are the recommended values. If you need to use an algorithm that is not provided by the framework, be sure to use an external library that is very well-tested and maintained.

WPF Auto Complete/Suggestion Text Box Control

A good product requires good user interaction. Products that are using search boxes will be expected to have auto-completion/suggestion feature. In WPF platform, the default text box control does not have any built-in auto-completion/suggestion feature. There are many 3rd party libraries out there which provide auto-complete/suggestion text box control as a replacement to the default WPF text box control. Most of these libraries are available in the paid version and those which are available for free, are difficult to get integrated with your existing code. So, I have created a very simple AutoComplete/Suggestion control for WPF platform without using any external library.

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