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How To Refactor Business Logic Into Services

The author demonstrates the process of refactoring business logic from controllers into small service classes.

Top five tips for handling .NET Exceptions

The short and sweet answer is that you should always log exceptions. For many developers, the general rule of thumb is to log exceptions when code could crash. The problem with this approach, however, is that even the simplest code can cause crashes in the application.

Find, Fix, and Avoid Performance Problems in C# .NET: 10 Best Practices

This article will show 10 best practices on dealing with performance problems, starting with when you need to deal with them at all. You will see techniques to detect if a problem exists, find the specific cause, and fix it.

Web.config transformations - The definitive syntax guide

The best tutorial for web.config/app.config transformations. Learn the syntax and how to test it. Included are also examples like replacing appSettings.

Visual Studio tips and tricks

Whether you are new or have been using Visual Studio for years, there are a bunch of tips and tricks that can make you more productive. We’ve been sharing tips on Twitter using the #vstip hashtag for a while, and this is a collection of the best ones so far.

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