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Using High-Performance Techniques to Base64 Encode a GUID

It’s been a little while since my last high-performance post, but my use of the techniques and features continues! In this post, I want to present a more practical example which I hope will help to illustrate a real-world use case for some of the new .NET Core performance focused API changes.

Fighting complexity in software development

After working on different projects, I've noticed that every one of them had some common problems, regardless of domain, architecture, code convention and so on. Those problems weren't challenging, just a tedious routine: making sure you didn't miss anything stupid and obvious. Instead of doing this routine on a daily basis I became obsessed with seeking solution: some development approach or code convention or whatever that will help me to design a project in a way that will prevent those problems from happening, so I can focus on interesting stuff.

Pipeline Pattern Implementations in C# .NET

The Pipeline pattern is a powerful tool in programming. The idea is to chain a group of functions in a way that the output of each function is the input the next one. The concept is pretty similar to an assembly line where each step manipulates and prepares the product for the next step. This series will show different implementations of the multi-threaded pipeline pattern in C#.

Evolution of every developer's most popular tool

Every development environment has a tool called «Output». There is no need to describe what it does, since all developers without exception use it in their work on a daily basis. It is simple and conservative. 

Type dictionary trick

This article explores a trick in C# for looking up values based on types, much like a Dictionary<Type, T> only it's almost 10x faster! You probably don't need this trick and even if you need it, it will only work in a few very specific scenarios. But it's a neat trick that might be fun to read about. I don't know if this pattern has a name, and I'm not very good at naming things, so maybe I'll just refer to it as the private static generic inner class trick. If you know of a better name, please let me know.

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