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Launch 4x faster with DWKit!

DWKit is a unique platform which will help you effectively manage form and business process development time with drag&drop interaction.Technically speaking, DWKit is a FormBuilder + Workflow + Security + Data Mapping. It’s a revolutionary cross-platform solution that includes both Workflow and .NET Core based FormBuilder. Today, DWKit is developing dynamically, new features are being added all the time. What DWKit tutorial videos to learn to use it most efficiently.

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Stop trying to mock the ILogger methods

ILogger methods are hard to mock because they are not supposed to be mocked. We need to separate intent from implementation.


An Office Ribbon Control for .NET WinForms.

Geting 4x Speedup With .NET Core 3.0 SIMD Intrinsics

“The C++ code listed below, being translated C#, will never be close to C++ in terms of speed.”

.NET Memory Management posters

In short words, I’ve prepared two posters about .NET memory management. They provide a comprehensive summary of “what’s inside .NET GC”, based on .NET Core (although almost all information is relevant also for .NET Framework).

Logging in C# .NET Modern-day Practices: The Complete Guide

Logging is a big part of software development for many years now. One can argue that a logging mechanism is a must-have part of any application or library. I would agree with that statement. Logging has a crucial part to play in a scenario where you can’t use interactive debugging (that is, attaching a debugger like Visual Studio). It allows us to investigate errors after the problem already happened. In some cases, like Production Debugging, logs might be the only information you have. This guide is a bird’s eye view of modern solutions for logging in .NET space.

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