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Avoid multithreading traps with Roslyn: Lock object selection

Multithreading is one of the most difficult aspects of programming and can cause a lot of headaches. The main source of problems is often improper usage of synchronization mechanisms, which can result in deadlocks or a complete lack of synchronization despite our expectations.

Find solutions faster by analyzing crash dumps in Visual Studio

When unexpected crashes occur in your managed application you are often left with little evidence of the issue; capturing and analyzing memory dumps may be your last best option. Thankfully Visual Studio is a great tool for analyzing your apps memory dumps! In this post we show you how easy it is to get important insights from a crash dump, and the steps to resolve the issue using Visual Studio.

.NET Debugging: 6 techniques you need in your arsenal

As a senior .NET developer, I can tell you that it’s best to avoid the necessity for debugging altogether by writing clean code that’s covered by automated tests. If you’re a senior developer yourself, you probably already know this. And if you’re a junior developer, now you know it too!

Are Code Contracts going to be supported in .NET Core going forwards?

There is inconsistent information out there in regards to what is happening to Code Contracts in .NET Core going forwards. Currently, the functionality is not working out the box in .NET Core, I would like to know if Microsoft will be continuing support for Code Contracts in .NET Core?

ConditionalWeakTable, what does it do?

C# has many lesser known features, some more useful than others, and one of them is the ConditionalWeakTable<TKey, TValue> (keep in mind that TKey and TValue must be reference types).

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