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this week's favorite

Async Await C#

In previous chapter we discussed how to use the continuation feature of a task to make a responsive application. This means that you can execute another task as soon as the first task finishes. Thus, you can avoid the thread block.

Maximising .NET Core API performance

We recently rewrote one of our APIs from scratch, Saved Items, to better pave the way for new functionality and improve the performance by utilising new technologies such as .NET Core 2.

Full Modular Monolith application with Domain-Driven Design approach

The main architectural assumption is the high modularity of the solution. The module in this architecture is really a mini-application (still hosted in the same process) that contains everything to implement the requirements of a specific business context (Bounded Context in terms of DDD approach). Integration between modules is implemented asynchronously using events (Event Driven Architecture).

Prefer ValueTask to Task, always; and don't await twice

There's been a lot of confusion over when to use Task[<T>] vs ValueTask[<T>] (note: I'm going to drop the [<T>] from now on; just pretend they're there when you see Task / ValueTask etc).

Declarative framework for building command line interfaces

CliFx is a simple to use but powerful framework for building command line applications. Its primary goal is to completely take over the user input layer, letting you focus more on writing your application. This framework uses a declarative approach for defining commands, avoiding excessive boilerplate code and complex configurations.

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