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What's new in C# 8.0

C# 8.0 adds a lot of new features and enhancements to the language.

Building Microservices On .NET Core: Transactional Outbox with RabbitMQ

Now our microservices communicate via publishing information about important business events like: product being activated or discontinued, policy being sold or terminated, payment being made or missed. It all looks great, but we have missed some important thing – data consistency and transaction boundary. When we decided to go with microservices way, where each microservice is an independent application with its own datastore, we left the safe land of ACID database transaction we had in our monolith solutions.

The Future of Client-Side Blazor: PWAs, Desktop/Mobile, Native (and even Flutter?)

The development of client-side Blazor leveraging WebAssembly -- appropriately called Blazor WebAssembly -- has suffered a few hiccups, but Microsoft has big plans for the red-hot technology that enables C# Web development.

Introducing .NET Core Windows Forms Designer

We just released a GA version of .NET Core 3.0 that includes support for Windows Forms and WPF. And along with that release we’re happy to announce the first preview version of the Windows Forms Designer for .NET Core projects!

Generics In C#

Generics in C# were introduced into the C# language with version 2 of the C# specification and the goal was to allow us to reuse more code while still being typesafe. The type parameters in C# generics allow you to create type-safe code without knowing the final type you will be working with. In many instances, you want the types to have certain characteristics, in which case you place constraints on the type. Also, C# methods can have generic type parameters as well whether or not the class itself does.


Cut Your Testing Time with My Tested ASP.NET

Developing with ASP.NET? Cut your testing time with My Tested ASP.NET! Write down your assertions in a matter of seconds and stop mocking the universe. Validate controllers, services, models, routes - everything but the kitchen sink. Includes built-in support for authentication, database, caching, session, configuration and more. Don’t waste any more time - START your fluent experience with My Tested ASP.NET NOW!

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