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ASP.NET: Asynchronous Programming Guidance

Asynchronous programming has been around for several years on the .NET platform but has historically been very difficult to do well. Since the introduction of async/await in C# 5 asynchronous programming has become mainstream. Modern frameworks (like ASP.NET Core) are fully asynchronous and it's very hard to avoid the async keyword when writing web services. As a result, there's been lots of confusion on the best practices for async and how to use it properly. This section will try to lay out some guidance with examples of bad and good patterns of how to write asynchronous code.

Meet WebWindow, a cross-platform webview library for .NET Core

It's like Electron, but without bundling Node.js or Chromium, and without most of the the APIs.

.NET - Create Your Own Script Language with Symbolic Delegates

I love my C# compiler. My girlfriend claims I love it more than I love her, although, for obvious reasons, I’d never admit to that in public. Strong typing, generics, LINQ, garbage collection, CLI, the list of compelling traits goes on. However, every now and then I need a couple of days off from the comfortable securities with which my compiler normally provides me. For those days, I choose to code in dynamic programming languages—and the more dynamic the language, the more dangerous and fun.

Fluent Dispatch

🌊 .NET Standard 2.1 framework which makes easy to scaffold distributed systems and dispatch incoming load into units of work in a deterministic way.

15 Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Productivity in Visual Studio 2019

Visual Studio 2019 is packed with new features for smartly handling code for different projects. This blog compiles tips and tricks that will make you more productive when using Visual Studio 2019.


Open Source Uno Platform for C# & XAML devs!

Uno Platform is the open source platform for building native Mobile, Windows and WebAssembly apps. Tested on over 200 real-life projects, you can build performant, single codebase, cross-platform, line of business apps today. Visual Studio support and vibrant C# and XAML community allow skill and tooling reuse.

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