#65 Redux: It’s Middleware All the Way Down!


Getting Started With React and Rangle’s Starter Kit

This tutorial is the perfect starting point for building a React-based chat application.

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Redux: It’s Middleware All the Way Down!

I previously wrote an article, You Aren’t Using Redux Middleware Enough. Afterwards, I got literally some retweets — my most successful article to date! I figured people must like middlewares as much as I do! And that’s because middlewares are such powerful concept, that can be so fundamental to Redux to the point that it’s middlewares all the way down!

Avoiding Accidental Complexity When Structuring Your App State

Flux implementations like Redux encourage us to think explicitly about our app state and spend time modeling it. It turns out that this isn’t a trivial task. It’s a classic example of chaos theory, where a seemingly harmless flutter of wings in the wrong direction can cause a hurricane of accidental complexity later on. Provided below is a list of practical tips of how to model app state in order to keep your business-logic and yourself as sane as possible.

Using Electrode to Improve React Server Side Render Performance By Up To 70%

We built Electrode, the react/node.js application platform that powers walmart.com with several goals in mind, including ease of use, re-usability of components across applications and, most importantly, performance.

Vim React Snippets

A Vim snippet library for React in ES6. You may also want to check out vim-es2015-snippets.

Netflix-like landing page in React

Welcome to React Daily UI, where we go 100 days building 100 beautiful React applications. We're really excited to be partnering with Jack Oliver who is embarking on this ambitious project with us.


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