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Creating a Reverse Proxy in Dotnet Core

After hearing about Project YARP, an initiative from Microsoft to create a super fast .Net reverse proxy, I decided to give it a try in one of my private projects. This is a write up of what I learned.

Practical Reason why choose an ORM over raw ADO.NET

The extent of this post is generally targeting the whole ORM families running in various technology stacks. But I will limit the explanation to only .NET (C# or VB) and will write the samples in C#.

Fun C#: Pure, Lazy and Async pipeline creation

A few days ago, I had the need to create an async pipeline that consisted of actions (methods) composing over each other. I also wanted the construction of this pipeline to not generate any side effects, including exceptions, object state mutations, IO operations, etc. I had the need for function composition but also wanted Monadic Composition (Kleisli Composition), and did not want to use Task.Run, I do not like doing that in ASP.NET applications.

ModernWPF UI Library

Modern styles and controls for your WPF applications.

Introducing C# Source Generators

We’re pleased to introduce the first preview of Source Generators, a new C# compiler feature that lets C# developers inspect user code and generate new C# source files that can be added to a compilation. This is done via a new kind of component that we’re calling a Source Generator.


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