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ZLogger — Zero Allocation Logger for .NET Core and Unity

I’ve just released a new logging library ZLogger for .NET Core and Unity. It is very fast, and using previously introduced ZString — Zero Allocation StringBuilder in the backend, it eliminates the allocation when formatting the string.

Code Generation with .NET 5 – Builder pattern

As you start working on larger codebases, you will find a growing need to start introducing patterns to make code intuitive to use, easy to read, and structured in such a way that makes it difficult for developers using your code to make errors.

Exception Helper – Rethrown Exceptions

Ever had a bug in an async method that caused an exception? Been frustrated that the debugger doesn’t show you where that exception happened? Or been frustrated when looking at an exception that has an inner exception, but the debugger doesn’t easily show you where that exception was from?

Web API Testing

This project is a demonstration on how to do Web Api testing using Test Server. Instead of doing traditional unit tests where you write tests for each layer of your application. You can use Test Server and achieve a high level of code coverage but at the same time writing less code with lower maintenance.

Adding Observability to .NET Core Apps

This article explores options for adding observability to .NET Core apps. They have been collected based on interactions with customers using .NET Core in different environments. We will be looking into OpenTelemetry and Application Insights SDKs to add observability to a sample distributed application.


Getting Started with Blazor: Build Interactive Web UIs in C# (Free Webinar)

Want to build a sleek, single-page app to woo your end-users,—but don't want to do it in Javascript? This Wednesday, May 13, Headspring will walk you through how the premiere production release of Blazor WASM can streamline your development of rich, dynamic web apps in C#. Save your spot!

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