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Make a flappy bird game in windows form

This video will take you through how to make the flappy bird game in visual studio with Windows form and C# programming. All of the components, images, data types, events and functions are written and explained in the video. Hope you like the video and see you on the next one.

Stack Only JSON Parser

The StackOnlyJsonParser combines the System.Text.Json library with C# 9 code generators to allow for fast and GC-friendly JSON deserialization. It's intended mostly for the low latency and real time systems.

Introducing .NET Multi-platform App UI

You can build anything with .NET. It’s one of the main reasons millions of developers choose .NET as the platform for their careers, and companies invest for their businesses. With .NET 5 we begin our journey of unifying the .NET platform, bringing .NET Core and Mono/Xamarin together in one base class library (BCL) and toolchain (SDK).

Welcome to C# 9.0

With every new version of C# we strive for greater clarity and simplicity in common coding scenarios, and C# 9.0 is no exception. One particular focus this time is supporting terse and immutable representation of data shapes.

5 more things about enums in C#

We've already seen some of the things you should know about enums in C#. Here we'll dive into Flagged enumerations, serialization and so on.

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