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Unreal Engine .NET Core Integration

UnrealCLR is a plugin which natively integrates .NET Core host into the Unreal Engine with the Common Language Runtime for direct execution of the managed code through user-driven blueprint pipelines to build a game logic using the full power of .NET facilities with engine API. The project is aimed at stability, performance, and maintainability.

Extensibility via object oriented and functional programming

How do we make sure that future changes and extensions will be easy to make, and we won’t need to rewrite everything? What does easy even mean when it comes to extending our program? What is easy from FP and OOP perspectives?

Adding host filtering to Kestrel in ASP.NET Core

Host filtering, restricting the hostnames that your app responds to, is recommended whenever you're running in production for security reasons. In this post, I describe how to add host filtering to an ASP.NET Core application.

Performance considerations for large solutions

While we do our best to design Roslyn to work well for a wide range of solutions from small to very large, sometimes the defaults we choose in the balance between performance, memory usage, and useful information don't work in some solutions. In those cases, there are a number of options and in some cases registry keys that can be used to adjust things that may improve the experience.

Introducing dotnet-monitor, an experimental tool

When running a dotnet application differences in diverse local and production environments can make collecting diagnostics artifacts (e.g., logs, traces, process dumps) challenging. dotnet-monitor aims to simplify the process by exposing a consistent REST API regardless of where your application is run.

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