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C# Developers are in demand on Vettery

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Blazor Vs. Traditional Web Apps

Learn about Single Page Applications made with Blazor and compare these with traditional web-apps.

Performance Improvements in .NET 5

In previous releases of .NET Core, I’ve blogged about the significant performance improvements that found their way into the release. For each post, from .NET Core 2.0 to .NET Core 2.1 to .NET Core 3.0, I found myself having more and more to talk about.

Modernising .NET projects for .NET Core and beyond!

In this article I'll describe how to modernise your .NET Framework projects for .NET Core, the .NET Standard and .NET 5, which is planned to be released this year. I'll also explain the high level differences between the platforms and what the consequences of upgrading are for consumers, developers and maintainers.

Asynchronous Method Without async in C#

I would recommend against removing the keywords by default. As they say, premature optimization is the root of all evil.

C# 9 Deep Dive: Target Typing and Covariant Returns

C# 9 includes improved support for target typing. What is target typing, you say? It’s what C# uses, normally in expressions, for getting a type from its context. A common example would be the use of the var keyword. The type can be inferred from its context, without you needing to explicitly declare it.

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