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UnoConf 2020 – Virtual and Free – C# Dev Conference

Learn how to build cross-platform, single source, Web-Mobile-Desktop applications with C# and XAML only at Uno Platform’s annual conference. Speakers from Microsoft, Uno Platform core OSS team and community.

this week's favorite

LunrCore, a lightweight search library for .NET

LunrCore is a direct port of lunr.js. If you don't know it, lunr.js is a very nice JavaScript library that implements a simple search engine with a focus on simplicity. I really love it because it hits that sweet spot of commodity that I was talking about at the beginning of this post. Easy to integrate, easy to use, and still has almost all the features you'd expect.

How C# Records will change my life

Immutability comes with a lot of benefits, but sometimes it can be a bit cumbersome to deal with when you only want to update some properties. Since the object is immutable, you need to create a copy with all the existing values and the new updated one.

Don’t Judge XAML Based On Lines of Code

I don’t believe that looking at the number of lines of XAML (or C# code) is productive. What is useful is to look at the options that are available and the easy with which you can achieve the desired outcome.

Visual Studio 2019 C# Refactoring Tools

I have used C# on-off for different things the past 15 years, so trying to dust off the old ways requires updated tooling.

Azure Static Web Apps are Awesome

They’re still in beta, the docs are a little light, the paint is dripping wet, but they’re a really great way to build web applications in 2020, and cost next to nothing to run (actually, they're free during this beta).


C# Engineer at Canalyst, Remote or Vancouver, BC 🇨🇦

We’re looking for experienced C# engineers to help us transform the way finance professionals research and invest. CI/CD is core to our development process, and we believe in continuous improvement and learning when tackling new challenges. We are growing our team and growth at Canalyst means opportunity for career development - we’ll help you get there, and won’t hold you back.

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