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C# Switch Statement vs Expression Explained

Switch expression is a switch-like semantics that came with C# 8 which illustrates below. Switch expression is the use of a switch case as an expression pattern. Same as the switch statements we can write both value pattern and type pattern.

Beginner's Guide To Console Input In C#

Make sure you have a using System; are the top of your file. Then whenever you want input from the user just use the Console.ReadLine() method.

Evolution of Pattern Matching up until C# 8.0

C# pattern matching finally brings another functional feature that will help C# developers write functional code more naturally.

Best way to create an empty collection (array and list) in C#

I one of APIs I was working a while back I needed to return an empty collection. It was not a performance critical code, yet I decided what would be the best way to do it. Exploring and learning.

Asp.Net Core and gRPC

gRPC is a remote procedure call based framework for creating highly optimized api endpoints with focus on low network latency. Unlike rest where the api is explicitly url based, gRPC implementations abstract away the details of remote communication. Instead of explicitly specifying a remote address to a remote server when invoking a remote function, the api is invoked much like local functions.


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