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Evaluating “ReadLine using System.IO.Pipelines” Performance in C#

A typical approach for reading a string line by line from a file would probably be using ReadLine APIs. I have heard all good things about System.IO.Pipelines, which was born from the work of the .NET Core team to make Kestrel one of the fastest web servers.

C# 9.0: Records

Immutability as always been challenging to implement properly in C#, or at least was very painful. C# 9.0 introduces the concept of records which will greatly simplify all of that.

C# LINQ Performance Tips

This video will show you some of the performance and allocation problems that you might encounter when writing LINQ expressions we will also see that an expression you see is not necessarily, what you get.

Putting “Universal” back into UWP

UWP was poised as the ultimate platform for developers. Write your app in the language of your choice: C#, C++, Visual Basic, JavaScript, etc. Then, run it on every form factor: desktop, tablets, mobile devices, game consoles and even fitness and IoT devices.

A Deep Dive into How .NET Builds and Ships

This post begins by laying out the multi-repository world that makes up the .NET product, its inherent challenges, and how we deal with them. This is a review of some of the information presented in The Evolving Infrastructure of .NET Core. Then it takes a close look at how we build, prep, and ship the product, especially around releases that include security fixes.


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