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Introducing the Half type!

A Half is a binary floating-point number that occupies 16 bits. With half the number of bits as float, a Half number can represent values in the range ±65504. More formally, the Half type is defined as a base-2 16-bit interchange format meant to support the exchange of floating-point data between implementations.

Microservices with event sourcing using .NET Core

I spend some time last year implementing an example project on how to structure an API using microservices in .NET Core. In my summer vacation, I began looking into how I could improve and add event sourcing to the project.

Automatically find latent bugs in your code with .NET 5

Starting with .NET 5, we’re introducing what we’re calling AnalysisLevel in the C# compiler to introduce warnings for these patterns in a safe way. The default Analysis Level for all projects targeting .NET 5 will be set to 5, meaning that more warnings (and suggestions to fix them) will be introduced.

App Trimming in .NET 5

One of the big differences between .NET Core and .NET Framework is that .NET Core supports self-contained deployment – everything needed to run the application is bundled together. It doesn’t depend on having the framework separately installed. From an application developer perspective, this means that you know exactly which version of the runtime is being used, and the installation/setup is easier. The downside is the size – it pulls along a complete copy of the runtime & framework.

Convention based Concurrency Management in Entity Framework Core

Writing concurrency safe code is a corner stone in writing robust code today, without it data quality can not be guaranteed. And when things go wrong you want to know who and when entities were updated so you can investigate what have gone wrong.


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