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Pixel-Perfect Multi-Platform Applications with C# and WinUI

Open Source Uno Platform lets you build single-codebase applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, WebAssembly, iOS and Android. Support for Fluent and Material design included in-the-box. Try now via 5 min step-by-step tutorial.

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Use Attributes & Middleware in ASP.NET Core for Logging, Telemetry, and Anything Else

Every once in a while you need to add meta functionality without actually changing the business logic code. This might be reporting telemetry, logging, or adding metrics. While necessary, writing this code along with the business logic feels kind of wrong. There's no separation of concerns, it makes the business logic harder to read, and it's prone to bugs.

Moving away from Visual Studio to JetBrains Rider

The performance of Visual Studio with ReSharper for the large solution was horrible. The Visual Studio UI hanged for mins before I could start coding. The build took very long to complete, and the tests took forever to run. From time to time, I ended up disabling the ReSharper only to enable it again.

Why We Upgraded Our Production Application to .NET 5.0

For anyone who has built an application, you’ve probably built it on some library or framework that changes over time. To keep up, you have to upgrade your application. However, there are varying schools of thought around when you should upgrade. At Exceptionless, we like to be on the bleeding edge. As an open-source company, we feel a responsibility to the community to know and understand the open-source tools we use. As such, we have already upgraded Exceptionless to use .NET 5.0.

Take A Look At ML.NET

ML.NET is a service from Microsoft that allows you to add machine learning to your existing applications. It requires very little setup and can use existing data in your database to start making predictions. If you've been curious about machine learning, but come from a .NET background then this might be a good starting point for you.

Introducing DotNet.SystemCollections.Analyzers

The purpose of this library is to empower the software developers using .NET. Leveraging best practices can make a difference from a quality or performance perspective. The library wants to pinpoint the issues about the usage of types found in System.Collections such as IEnumerable<T> or extension methods found in System.Linq. This tool is here to help developers make better performance decisions through a set of micro-optimizations.


Practical Debugging for .NET Developers

The ability to solve difficult problems is what makes a good engineer great. This book teaches tools and techniques for developers to tackle even the most persistent bugs. You’ll find that tough issues can be made simple with the right knowledge, tools, and practices. Practical Debugging for .NET Developers will transform you into the person who everyone turns to for help.

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