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It's like Flutter for C# Developers

Open Source Uno Platform lets you build single-codebase applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, WebAssembly, iOS and Android using C# and XAML only. Support for Fluent and Material design included in-the-box. Try now via 5 min step-by-step tutorial.

this week's favorite

C#9 records: immutable classes

Now C#9 offers a brilliant syntax to democratize the usage of immutability. And the concise positional record syntax will save a lot of keystrokes.

Architecting .NET Desktop and Mobile applications

This tutorial introduces several architectural and design patterns that can be used to implement common scenarios in .NET desktop and mobile applications.

Validot: performance-first .NET library for model validation

No more obligatory if-ology around input models or separate classes wrapping just validation logic. Write specifications inline with simple, human-readable fluent API. Native support for properties and fields, structs and classes, nullables, collections, nested members, and possible combinations.

Async code smells and how to track them down with analyzers

Roslyn analyzers are great. Not only do they detect different issues in our code, but they are also able to propose solutions, thanks to accompanying code fixes. There’s one more, less-advertised aspect of analyzers: besides improving the quality of our codebase, they also improve the state of language knowledge in our teams.

Cross Platform Managed Memory Dump Debugging

Over the year’s Windows developer have grown accustomed to a broad variety of tools to help diagnose issues occurring with apps and services running on remote Windows machines. More recently we have empowered our developer community with the tools to develop and deploy apps across multiple platforms including many of the popular Linux distros.


Practical Debugging for .NET Developers: Complete Digital Edition

The ability to solve difficult problems is what makes a good engineer great. This book teaches tools and techniques for developers to tackle even the most persistent bugs. You’ll find that tough issues can be made simple with the right knowledge, tools, and practices. Practical Debugging for .NET Developers will transform you into the person who everyone turns to for help.

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