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LINQ gems: Indexed Select

Here's another LINQ gem, which is very useful if you plan to base your projection or filtering logic on the element's index in a sequence.

Use ASP.NET With Turbolinks 5

In this post, we’ll be exploring Turbolinks. An approach to building client-side experiences with little to no client-side code.

.NET Libraries and the Art of Backward Compatibility

How to plan changes that go into the next version of your library in order to safeguard the experience of your existing users.

gRPC performance improvements in .NET 5

gRPC is a modern open source remote procedure call framework. There are many exciting features in gRPC: real-time streaming, end-to-end code generation, and great cross-platform support to name a few. The most exciting to me, and consistently mentioned by developers who are interested in gRPC, is performance.

Developing a Lightweight TUI Music Player in C# using Terminal.Gui

One day while being creatively inspired by the Sonic Universe station’s offerings, I had the idea of creating my own music player with support for streaming. Not only would this be a great project for continuing to learn C# and Dotnet Core, but it would also allow me to build a simple, lightweight player customized to my liking! After a brainstorming session, I came up with the name MusicSharp and a core list of features I planned to implement.

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